General Info:

When: Saturday July 20, 2019 - Tournament starts at 10:00 AM (one day tournament)

PRACTICE: Saturday July 20, 2019 - Practice starts at 8:00 AM

Where : Saint-Antoine de Kent Ball Field (Click here for Google Map)

Registration: Registration will be closing Thursday July 18, 2019 at midnight OR once the division is sold out. Brackets will be decided July 20 at 9:30AM

Friday Night Tournament: Friday July 19, 2019 - Tournament starts at 7:00 PM SHARP!! (Draw at 630PM)
- "Under The Lights" Double Elimination for the early bird ONLY (with online payment)
- 32 TEAMS MAX!! 70$/team
- Great tournament to make this a weekend thing!
- Camping is available on site. (See camping section)

Division: Same as 2018, we will have 3 divisions. Competitive , Recreational and Competitive "Ladies Only".

** Women teams can register in the Competitive or Recreational division, but can only play in one division.

Entry Fee:
- Division "Competitive" - $75 + $5 fees per team
- Division "Recreational" - $55 + $5 fees per team
- Division "Ladies Only" - $65 + $5 fees per team


Division "Competitive"

1st $700 (guaranteed)
2nd $500
3rd $400
4th $300
5th $150
6th $150
7th $100
8th $100
****Prize money based on 64 Teams registered

Division "Recreational" (32 Teams Max)

NO CASH PRIZES for your performance except 1st and 2nd place.

We will randomly draw prizes during the tournament.

"Ladies Only" (No Max)


Teams: Bring your own partner. We are looking for the best WASHER TEAM in New-Brunswick! (We also welcome teams from outside New-Brunswick)

Tournament Type:
"Competitive" Division: Triple elimination.
"Recreational" Division: Round Robin
"Ladies Only" Division: (new in 2019) Triple elimination
** Every match will be decided with a best of 3.

What is the refund policy?
Tournament is rain or shine. No refunds.

Boxes Specification:

1. Boxes are placed 20 ft apart measured pipe center to pipe center
2. Box Height (inside) = 5.5"
3. Box Width (Inside) = 12"
4. Pipe is 5" High and 4" inside diameter.

** Boxes can be off measurement by 1/8" to "1/4".

Washers Specification:
1. 1" Hole Washers (large washers)
2. 2.5" diameter
3. Washer Weight regulation for the NB WASHER CUP tournament 80g-95g. All 6 washers will have the matching weight.


1. 2 players per team
2. First shot is determined by a flip of a coin
The famous NB WASHER CUP coin toss RULE: The team who wins the coin toss will get to decide 1- which side they want 2- Which side their opponent will be on . 3- if they wants to throw first or last. 4- Get to pick the washers color
3. One player per team at each end. Once playing sides/opponent are chosen there can be no changing sides for the best of 3.
4. There will be 3 washers per team thrown consecutively at each end.
5. All throws must be taken from behind the front of each box, which means you can stand beside the box but your toes cannot cross the front of it.
** until you release your washer, both feet can't pass the front of the box.
6. Overhand throws ARE allowed.
7. No skunk.
8. The team to score last throws first in the next round.
9. If your team won the game, you will throw first on the next game.
10. We are providing the washers, you can't bring your own.
11. Once a washer is thrown, you can't touch or re-adjust the box until both team have thrown all washers for that round.
12. Fist Pump are allowed at our tournaments :)

- a. Washer in the pipe is worth 3 points
- b. Washer in box is worth 2 points.
- Washers outside the box do not count for any points for this tournament.
- A washer that remains on the ledge of the box after all 6 washers have been thrown shall be treated as if it is in the box and is worth 2 points
- A washer that remains on the ledge of the pipe after all 6 washers have been thrown shall be treated as if it is in the pipe and is worth 3 points

1. A higher point toss cancels out a lower point toss (1 pipe toss will cancel out 1 toss in the box; Ex. Team A throws one in the pipe and Team B throws one in the box. Team A scores 3 pts and Team B none.
2. If higher tosses are equaled then scoring goes to lower tosses. Ex. Each team has 1 washer in the pipe. They cancel each other out. Team A has 1 in the box = 2 pts. Team A wins with 2 points.
3. Equal tosses cancel each other out and no pts are awarded.
4. Washers that bounce into scoring positions count.
5. Games go to 21 (First to 21, you do NOT have to win by 2, and you do NOT have to land exactly on 21)


Text or Call : 506-955-2401